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Jamestown Seventy


Today, the United States faces nearly insurmountable problems that present structures, institutions and philosophies do not seem able to correct. We find starvation amidst plenty, deeply entrenched racism, rampant technology that threatens man's very existence, alienation not only among more and more young people but also among blue-collar and white-collar workers, an educational system that is a failure, a military industrial complex that is all-powerful and a gigantic bureaucratic government that can no longer be controlled by ordinary people. The short answer to all this-Revolution-is impossible when armed revolt by the citizenry-atlarge would inevitably be put down by the military might at the disposal of those in control. We see the best way out in rededicating this nation to its heritage: re-opening the frontier, where alienated or "deviant" members of society can go to live by their new ideas; providing a living laboratory for social experiment through Radical Federalism; and restoring effective political communication in a multimedia society.

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