Political marketing offers a new way of assisting the economic development of poor communities and of creating opportunities for integrating political values with daily activities. Central to the concept of political marketing is the belief that the considerable purchasing power and growing political consciousness of liberals and radicals in America can be harnessed to assist in the generation of economic well-being for the poor.

Community development corporations represent an attempt to create independent institutions-owned and operated by residents of urban and rural poor communities- for stimulating the economic and social development of the poor. The strategy of political marketing is to urge liberal and radical consumers to provide a guaranteed market for the products and services of community development corporations. Consumer marketing organizations-C.M.O.'s-formed by the consumers would serve as vehicles for consumer expression and thus as a source of guidance to the community development corporations-C .D .C.'s-about their primary market. Through the C.M.O.'s and acts of "political" consumption, the consumers would be provided with new avenues for political expression and for making political values more relevant to their lives.

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