Fred Bosselman


About five miles east of Oyster Bay and across the line in Suffolk County is the Town of Huntington which offers few visible differences from Oyster Bay. This town is a defendant in a suit brought by the Suffolk County Defenders of the Environment represented by Victor Yannacone, one of the pioneers in the field of environmental law. Yannacone alleges that the zoning laws of the town "are demonstrably ecologically unsophisticated, environmentally irresponsible, socially irrelevant and politically naive," because they permit "the development of the natural resources of the County of Suffolk, in particular the land mass of Suffolk County, as merely a substrate for speculation, failing to determine the highest best use of each area of real property in the County of Suffolk in accordance with modern principles of real property utilization, in particular in that such laws fail to establish objective criteria for real property development based on the physiographic, hydrologic, meteorologic, and ecological characteristics of the Regional Ecological Systems of which such real property is an element." Mr. Yannacone is one of the few real artists in complaint drafting left.

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